The Nemea Quest

The Nemea Quest

Leon's journey to find Nemea

The basics

Leon is the main character of our world.
He is an ex-marine helicopter pilot, totally burnt out, being broke, left by his family. We will publish the journey of Leon finding Nemea from time to time, chapter by chapter.

The story driven by the community

For us, community is everything, therefore we would like to involve our community members to the storytelling.
After every chapter (except for flashbacks) we will offer two paths, but only one can be chosen by the community. Cast your vote, and influence to course of the story.

Rewards for participation

The experience of being part of shaping the story is one thing.
But we would like to reward your participation by raffling off from time to time among active community members special NFTs and other surprises, which represent both ideological and monetary value.